Saturday, June 27, 2015

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

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. people...goto tumblr and do a search for fuckyeahcreepyloli

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

thumb suckers

this is....well....Uuummm... GHEEESH...its...
the whole world loves little girls. Its just become silly anymore, its whats called an "Open secret"
This video (this woman/child) is nothing more then a naked 11 year old; prancing around on front of people. Everyone loves a naked  11 year old if shes (he) is really cute. These videos have like
  3-quarters of  a Billion views. Thats billion with a B . Even little girls love little girls. Society should just drop the pretense; simply go with it. T\We all wanna see naked 11 year olds sucking their thumb.
the hypocrisy of it is.... just.... just a fucking joke anymore.
men ,woman and children all love these videos because its a really cute , naked; 11 year old.
(as close as we can get , anyhow)
There is a reason why, for decades, Ice skaters and gymnists have been Little girls. People LIKE little girls. Its very different for woman , why they like these girls (the reason why men like them are well , ...simple) but its true
men , woman and children like little girls. ----They bring in good TV  ratings

this post isnt really about thumb sucking but if you wanna see adult female celeb thumb suckers