Tuesday, September 1, 2015

WE enjoy all kinds of porn here NSFW



Hello, I wanna ask you about your sites. theres at least one...that im not able
to get to. I dont know the addy. im guessing its your best one. please send me some (one) links. here in the comments or PM at tumblr. ::

main stream

here yah go, main stream models from russia and Vogue and shit.
alleenmaarmooiverderniets dot tumblr com . its very nice and very legal

Monday, August 31, 2015

all right

again , against my better judgment I will offer up:::
tumblr dot  com slash liked slash by slash lookin 4ur yung
or just use the last three words (as one word)
 then tumblr dot com
either way it doesnt make much differance.
Jesssuuuss...I hate tumblr; you would not believe what they deleted us for...
scroll down and find the main stream underwear advert posts
then look at the site above and the other site
listed way below. 
Tumblr is retarded

Sunday, August 30, 2015

TLC site

tinylotustemp.pornblogspace (dot com)/test.html

we are...

Tiny lotus toons is/are : Toons only and loli only. We proclaim that we are loli only but we have a broad idea of what a loli is. First we are Alt-loli. Kind of like : " Vanilla Cake with Tobasco Sauce. We have loli's of all shapes and sizes. All ages and persuasions. Chubby lolis and skinny lolis . Angel lolis and monster lolis. Robo-lolis and Biker-chic lolis. We have Loli's with Liquor,Booze and Fags . Lolis with Chainsaws. Cannibal Loli is a favorite. We have a flavor that is all our own. We have lolis of all shapes, sizes and ages. We have some teenage lolis. and even some boy lolis. (Boys are lolis to). We have preschool lolis and 19 year old lolis, and We have these two kinds together. (personal fav) We have Pretty lolis and ugly lolis. We have lolis that are living, dead, and undead. We have 'loli with food'and 'loli as food' Tiynlotuscult is a giant, granite, heart shaped, Sacrificial Alter. We are also the loli-virgin-sacrifice, Lying on the alter. We are also the loli Priestess ,with a dagger in her hand. We are the priestess, The Alter , and the sacrifice, all rolled into one. We are also the dagger itself. our tumblr toon site is called tiny lotus now, (no spaces)

one more TLC porn site