Wednesday, February 26, 2014


update : 2-26-14. the master link list here is incomplete. the one about 5 post above is the
newest. it maybe deleted at any moment so book mark THIS SITE HERE as a back up links list.

We've had our first round of deletions . 
We knew this day would come. I hope you all got to see them before now. ! 
anyway.. we have some toon galleries that we hope will be up and running for a little while. 
The xxx sites are a thing of the past

click for toon site

the blog roll over there seems to be working. if it
disappears, this blog will become the Master Link list:


*********************** *********************** ***********************
We have a new links list site. Its not done yet. It will have cartoon porn 
on it soon. Right now were BETA testing it. Its :: tinylotus dot pornblogy dot com.

This site , And this thread are the back up link lists. If the new site gets deleted
 you will want to return here." TinyLotusCult.blogspot" is the default .
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Friday, January 31, 2014

the motherless account was deleted . some friends made some post for me and they thought it 
was me, Ban avoidance; got me deleted

seriously go to the tumblr site and leave a comment there or here !!!

there has ben a big updat at the tumblr site. click on the 'likes' section. tiny lotus cult

Friday, January 17, 2014


ALL RIGHT,some guy, maybe a group of guys is useing the tag tinylotuscult.
the do alot of gay stuff nd scat shit stuff, and tranny stuff.

some of it it not so bad, we like this one video, strange as it is.
Japan nudist futanari after school encounter subtitled brought to you by not everything you see when you google tinylotuscult comes from us. AND REALLY avoid anything that has the word AnonIb attachted to it. its malware.

hey motherless people !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we have a motherless acount and a flickr account. The pictures on motherless
are not allowed on flickr and the pics on flickr are NOT ALLOWED
CAN YOU FUCKING believe that ?
our flickr account is listed below, titled::
I want everyone to see this.



youtube Docu's

various youtube stuffs, its worth a look

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thursday, December 26, 2013